KI4JJB Antenna Feedthrough Panel

Complete Panel

This is NOT intended as a 'How To'.

MFJ sells an Antenna Feedthrough Panel that I really like. The price however is more than I care to pay. I decided I could build one for much less that $69.95. Here is a link to the one MFJ sells. Link

Parts I Used

Assorted Stainless steel screws, washers, nuts, and wing-nuts.

3" SO-239 double Female Bulkhead Connector

Simpson Strong Tie - TP37

1' x 6' x 36" Pine Board Primed & Painted

Parts cost less than $20. Most of the $20 is tied up in the SO-239 connectors.


I cut the pine board to length. Each window is different so you will have measure and cut yours to length. I also cut a 15 degree bevel on the top and bottom edge of my board to match my window sill. I just used a scrap board and cut it until it matched.

Next I drill the three holes in both of my Simson Strong Ties and the board.. These holes were 5/8" in the plate and 3/4" in the board. If you look at the picture you will see I also drilled shallow holes to allow for the head of the bolt on my ground screw. These do not go all the way through. The SO-239 connectors ties the two metal plates together.

All that is left now is paint and assembly. Other that the time it took to allow the paint to dry this project only took about 30 minutes.

After Thoughts

Although it seems to be weather tight. I think I might go back and add weather stripping to the top and bottom of the board.

You will need to consider security. I cut 2 1x2 board and used them to wedge my window shut. I also found I had a gap between my upper and lower windows. To solve this problem I cut a piece of blue styrofoam board and slid into the gap. It was a nice and snug fit. This should keep my window both secure and weather tight.

Now there is just one more thing for me to do...

Put up more antennas!

73, KI4JJB

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